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Our Lowest Rates Guarantee

How can we Guarantee our lowest prices?


AWA Hotels and Hostels  are listed on the pages of over 12,000 Affiliate Travel Sites that charge you a "deposit" when you book. That deposit (between 7% and 20%) is actually the "Travel Agents" commissions for listing our rooms and beds on their web site. That deposit is non refundable and you cannot apply it to another booking if you cancel or change plans.


 By Booking Direct with our AWA Hotels and Hostels using our listings here and our own booking engines you save in 2 ways:



We list our most discounted prices, without the 7% to 20% markup that other web sites add on our rates. If you ever find a price lower that our web site, we will take another 5% off the lowest rate you find and make the booking guaranteed for you.




All other websites charge a non refundable 7% - 20% to your credit card as a "deposit" and if you need to cancel or change your booking, this deposit is lost as it was a commission paid to the web site you booked with. AAE charges a deposit as well, which is deducted from your total due. The big difference is that we allow you to cancel or change your booking within 48 hours of arrival!


This makes booking travel with AWA much more secure for you.


 With AWA Booking Direct, you get our lowest rates guaranteed, you can book with ease and not worry if you need to change or cancel your travel plans! No worries, No booking fees and lowest rates.